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Clear Choice Inc. has two levels of Distribution, the Stocking Distributor, and the Non-Stocking Distributor.  There will not be a Re/Di program or master distributor.  Clear Choice Inc. has the right, but not the obligation, to sell only authorized distributors.  

Stocking Distributor:

A stocking distributor buys 2 or more complete units at a time and keeps at least one demo unit in stock at all times.  Furthermore, the stocking distributor has an authorized service center.  Distributor agrees not to sell outside their serviceable area.    

Non-Stocking Distributor:

A non-stocking distributor buys one or more complete units at a time, and is not required to keep a demo unit.  The non-stocking distributor utilizes the Sales Representative to conduct unit demonstrations.  Distributor agrees not to sell outside their serviceable area.  
** A non-stocking distributor can become a stocking distributor at any time by signing a Distributor Agreement denoting option to become a Stocking Distributor. 

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